Avian Calibrated Standards Overview

Avian Technologies offers perhaps the widest variety of calibrated artifact standards for reflectance and transmittance available from any company. Our offerings include standards for diffuse and regular reflectance, color, wavelength calibration (both visible and NIR), and fluorescence for both optical brightness and chromatic fluorescent materials. In addition, we offer standards for regular transmittance, both for photometric scale (neutral density filters), color (Schott and Hoya Color Filters) and wavelength calibration (Holmium and Didymium Oxide glasses). We welcome custom orders. We have provided custom sized filters, custom cut CERAM™ Research tiles and Russian Opal glass, and a wide range of sizes in our Fluorilon™ remote sensing targets.

Our UV-Vis-NIR calibrations are traceable to NIST/NRC (Canada), while our brightness and bispectral fluorescence calibrations are tied to NRC and KCL (Finland).

Reflectance, Transmittance & Fluorescence Standards & Products