Diffuse and Regular Reflectance Measurement Services

Avian Technologies offers measurement services in reflectance of both specular and diffuse materials in the UV-Vis-NIR region of the spectrum. We use two Perkin-Elmer Lambda-9/19 spectrophotometers- the same instruments that are used in many national laboratories for measurement and calibration of artifacts for diffuse reflectance, specular reflectance and transmittance. Depending on the application we employ a 150 mm integrating sphere accessory (diffuse reflectance, relative near-normal, specular reflectance and color measurements), a 75 mm integrating sphere (UV-Vis-NIR reflectance, diffuse and total transmittance) or the standard collection geometry (normal transmittance).

We have recently added the capability of measurements at d:8° (specular included) and d:0 degree (specular excluded) geometries, employing Minolta CM-3610d and CM-3630d spectrophotometers, respectively. These instruments are primarily used for the measurement of color of solids such as paint or textiles.

Services offered include:

  • Total Hemispherical Reflectance (8°:d) from 250-2500 nm Measurements are traceable to National Research Council, Canada (we can measure to 200 nm but measurements below 250 nm are not traceable). Bandpasses from 1 to 5 nm are available.
  • Relative Specular Reflectance at near normal incidence (8°). Measurements are traceable to National Research Council, Canada
  • Color measurements at d:8° or d:0° geometry.

Calibration is defined as the measurement and certification of ‘artifacts' to be used as secondary standards. Artifacts include tiles and other stable reflectance materials such as Fluorilon™-99W, Russian opal, and other ‘artifact' quality materials.

Measurement services are performed on materials to determine their reflectance over a particular wavelength range under defined optical conditions. As the materials may be dependent on sample preparation, these cannot be considered as ‘calibrations', although the measurement techniques used are those as outlined for calibrations.

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