Measurement and Calibration Services

We offer several standard anc custom measurement services. In all cases, there is a fixed setup fee, which includes instrument set up, calibration, verification, and documentation. In addition, quantity discounts are available, the breakdown is typically one fee for 1-5 samples, 6-10 samples, and 11-20 samples. For more than 20 samples, we will negotiate individually. For custom measurement services the above schedule will apply, but pricing for each job will individually determined.

Standard measurement geometries include:

  • Diffuse & Regular Reflectance
    • Diffuse (UV-Vis)
    • Diffuse (UV-Vis-NIR)
    • Regular Reflectance
  • Diffuse & Regular Transmittance
    • Regular (UV-Vis)
    • Regular (UV-Vis-NIR)
    • Diffuse Transmittance (scattering transmittance are not traceable)
  • Bidirectional Reflectance (45:0)
  • Goniospectrophotometric Measurements (Reflectance vs angle)
  • Diffuse/Normal Measurements

All data is reported as hard copy in either 10 or 25 nm increments and on CD-ROM (Microsoft Excel or tab delimited format) at 1 nm (UV-Vis) or 5 nm (UV-Vis-NIR) increments. Graphical data is presented. All samples are double or triple scanned and averaged.

Calibration of wavelength calibration standards (rare earth oxide tiles, thermoplastics, or glass) are reported for peaks of lowest transmittance (maximum absorbance) to 0.1 nm. Samples are run at a 1nm bandpass in the UV-Vis and approximately 4 nm in the NIR. Rates are the same as those for diffuse reflectance or regular transmittance.

A set up fee is changed on each new order. If a customer contracts for multiple samples to be run over a period of time, the set up fee may be waived after the initial fee.

Contract measurements are available. Contact us for more information.