Goniospectrophotometric Measurement Services

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Avian Technologies offers measurement services in reflectance as a function of incident and receiving angles. This is refered to as goniospectrophotometry, gonio being the Greek root for "angle." Our Murakami GSP-1 can illuminate samples over the range of +/- 70° and detect over the same range. (Note that some angle pairs are unavailable when the light source occludes the detector. This happens when the illumination and detection are separated by 15°or nearer.)

Reflectance and or colorimetric data are provided at each angle pair. Reflectance is reported from 390 - 730 nm, sampled every 10nm.

These goniospectrophotometric data are required to comprehend the full reflectance characteristics of any material, but especially gonioapparent materials, such as effect pigments, interference pigments, and other surfaces whose properties are specifically designed to change color as a function of angle of illumination and view. These data can then be applied to fully specify the appearance of such complex materials. These specifications can be used in architectural modeling, gonio-apparent materials (pearlescents, effects pigments), rendering, or any application when normal measurement geometries are insufficient for the characterization of your materials.