Near & Mid IR Gold Coatings & Materials

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Avian Technologies introduces two new gold materials that combine the high reflectance of Epner LaserGold® and the surface preparation technology of Avian Technologies to give optimum diffuse reflectance in the near- and mid-NIR. The NIR coating utilizes practically any metallic substrate and is most effective in the 1.0-6.0 micron range. The mid-IR material is a new technology in IR diffuse reflectance that combines Epner's plating expertise and sintered metal technology from Avian Technologies. This coating is best suited to applications in the 2 micron to 25 micron (or greater) wavelength range.

Reflectance of the NIR Coating is >94% throughout its specified range. The mid-IR Coating exhibits total hemispherical reflectance of >90% from 2 microns to >25 microns.


  • Integrating spheres
  • Reflectance targets and standards
  • Laser Cavities

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