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Avian Technologies offers a wide variety of diffuse optical coatings and materials. Our flagship material, Fluorilon™, exhibits the highest diffuse reflectance of any commercial material in the UV-Vis-NIR. Our Avian-B and Avian-D coatings present the user with two options of extremely high diffuse reflectance in the UV-Vis-VNIR in spray on coatings. The coatings are offered as both services and for the user to apply themselves.

We also offer three options in diffuse black coatings. Avian-EP Black and Avian-DS black provide very low reflectance in electrochemical finishes, while Avian Black-S is a spray-on coating that offers low diffuse reflectance and durability.

Avian technologies also offers a variety of transmissive diffusers with a range of transmittance through the UV-Vis-NIR.

In addition to our regular product line of materials and coatings, we will work with customers to develop modifications of our products to meet the customer’s specific needs. Our coating facility personnel regularly coat items from small custom made parts to large integrating spheres. We also provide expertise for customers who wish to apply our coating products in house. We are one of the few (if not the only) concern doing active research in the development of custom diffuse reflectance coatings, where our customer base includes the Munsell Color Science Laboratory at RIT, General Dynamics, Boeing, and Australian Aerospace.

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